Networx Social Media Panel

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Last night’s Networx event was all about social media marketing. The panel featured discussion around how to utilise social media in your business, how to measure results and how to convert fans and followers into sales. There were some excellent points highlighted, many of which you may have read in my article about social media for small business. Below, you’ll find a summary of the night’s key points.

Panel Members:

Networx Social Media

  • First things first – don’t go trying to drive people to your website if your website sucks. Number 1 priority – fix your website before worrying about social media.
  • A lot of businesses just don’t understand social media and how it will fit in to their strategy, or how it can help their business. It’s just like when the telephone and then e-mail was introduced. People thought they’d never be using it, yet it’s part of the way we do everyday business now.
  • Social media is a fantastic tool for improving customer service. Your customers are already using it to complain (or, if you’re lucky, to compliment!) so you need to be using it. For a great example of how it’s used, try tweeting something about Ubank. Within a couple of hours you should get a response, as they keep an eye out for their brand name 24 hours a day!
  • It’s fine to get excited about all the different social media platforms, but if you’re on a limited budget (who isn’t?) it pays to focus on the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. At the moment Facebook has a huge lead over other social platforms in Australia, so that’s where you’ll get the most eyeballs on your business.
  • Just being there and “doing” social media is missing the point. You need to tie it back to your business objectives and have a plan for what you want to achieve.
  • Having lots of fans or followers isn’t a measure of success. Focus on your conversion rate. How many of your fans actually end up purchasing?
  • Understand what your audience is already engaged by and operate your social media within those guidelines.
  • Popularity does not necessarily mean influence.
  • Don’t go buying followers. It will make it harder to reach people in the end. Example:
  • If you’re advertising on facebook, pay to be in the news feed, not the sidebar. Nobody looks there. For the same reason, shares are more valuable than likes. If someone shares something it will show up in their friends’ news feeds. If they only like it, their friends probably won’t see it.
  • Use Facebook insights (or other social media tools) to find out when your fans are online, then target your posts to those times.

Videos featured during the panel discussion




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