About Digital Growth

Meet Luke Chapman

Hi, I’m Luke! I am a digital marketing manager, working on a range of high-traffic international websites. In addition to my marketing role, I also run a number of my own personal website projects, and have first hand experience developing and growing websites over the last 15 years.

Luke Chapman

Always looking for the best angle.

I am also a qualified trainer and assessor (TAE40110) and in my spare time I like to help small businesses understand the complex world of digital marketing, including SEO, social media, advertising, content marketing, conversion optimisation and other web technologies.

I set up Digital Growth to help businesses that are wanting to grow their online presence. Here you will find articles on how to take advantage of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media (like Facebook, Twitter and Google+), content marketing, online advertising and more, both from myself and other skilled digital marketers and businesspeople.

If you would like to contribute an article, please e-mail luke@digitalgrowth.com.au


What others are saying about Luke

Simon Phillips – Marketing Director, Dejan SEO

“Luke is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable digital marketer. He is keen to engage with people both online and in the real world in an effective manner to both teach and learn as much as possible. Luke’s application of knowledge is evident in all projects he is involved with online.” 

Tim Capper – SEO, Standout

“Luke and I participate in Technical SEO discussions on Google+. Which led to a collaboration between two current clients at the time in the Tourism sector. Great to work with and a solid Search Marketer & SEO.” 

Jason Mun – Co-Founder & Search Director, Bespoke

“Luke is a well rounded digital marketer with intimate knowledge of SEO and analytics. He is also an avid contributor to the online marketing community by providing great content and sound advice through his blog, digitalgrowth.com.au. Spearheading the digital marketing efforts for VroomVroomVroom in a highly competitive niche is not an easy task. Luke’s ability to cope with volatile changes and constantly come up with ideas makes him a great marketer.” 

Ron Crump – Principal, Human Productivity Consultants

“Luke has a quick mind and is able to sort through the challenges and complexities of business development and leadership and reduce and present them in simple every day language.” 

Carrie Blackery-West – Peak Field Manager, Hermes Europe

“Luke impressed me with his conviction and knowledge and his ability to break things down into an understandable semblance. Although we were based in very different countries, where possible Luke was always at hand to help and support.” 

Thomas Li – Lawyer (Commercial Litigation), Turner Freeman Lawyers

“I previously worked with Luke in a sales & marketing related role, and found him to possess an exceptional eye for detail. Luke is very tech-savvy and always keeps himself abreast of developments and trends in his chosen industry. He is approachable and innovative. I would definitely recommend Luke.” 

Terri Brown – International Customer Service Manager, VroomVroomVroom

“Luke is an innovative, customer focused, highly motivated, team player. Luke’s ever increasing knowledge across all things digital allow him to strategically market VroomVroomVroom globally delivering world class results.”